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Grid of Earthquake Sensors

Imagine a grid of earthquake sensors around a town which is situated near an earthquake fault line, or an earthquake prone area as shown in the graphic below.

New Type of Earthquake Sensor

I envision a new type of earthquake sensor. I have drawn a simple schematic below.

Key Components

The sensor has some key components. They are:

How the Sensors Work

When a quake occurs, it is my belief, that there is an electrical signature to the quake, produced by energy released from fracturing rock, that radiates from the quake and which can be sensed by electric potential sensors. Of course there is well-known ground waves that can be picked up in the traditional manner with seismographs. The problem with the ground waves is that when they arrive, the danger from the quake arrives. Just as you can see the flash of lightning before you hear the thunder, picking up the electrical signature of the quake is key to having additional seconds for warning. The sensors would be able to determine the direction and magnitude of the quake.

The Computer Program

The sensors would tell information (both electric and vibrational) about all sizes of quakes. The software in the computer would know the time and magnitude of the forces on the earth's crust from a central computer that broadcasts the daily, hourly, and minute to minute risk for earthquakes based on solid earth tidal forces. See my charts for this information. The software in the warning systems's computer would use information from its own sensors, from other local sensors, from the central computer to constantly determine the risk a the local tower.

How the Local Sirens Work

If the risk, at the local tower, reaches a threshhold (Level C) that would need to be conveyed to the local public, the sirens would sound with a low-level warning. If a the risk is high (Level B), a second, louder, more dangerous sounding sound would be given off. If the risk suddenly becomes dangerous (Level A), or if a large quake has occurred and the seismic waves will reach the area of this tower, then a third sound, representing the most dangerous level would be sounded.

Broadcasting Information

The broacasting of information goes to the following sources:

Benefits of an Earthquake Watch and Warning System

What is needed

What is needed to make these new warning sensors available is money for a scientific study and then installation of some test sensors. The software would not need to be perfect at first, because it could be remotely updated as the algorithm is improved.