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Other Topics — Heliometeorology

The Sun influences weather. Predicting long-term weather using solar activity. Hurricanes & Solar Flares.

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Heliometeorology — Introduction

Meteorology is the study of the atmosphere and how it affects the weather. Heliometeorology is the study of how the sun's long-term cycles affects long-term weather patterns. This is definitely important with respect to current discussions of climate change. In other words, because the sun's long-term cycles definitely affect weather, we must be careful in terms of blaming some long-term changes of weather on people.

Sunspots & The Sun's Solar Cycle

The Sun's Wobble

Predicting Solar Activity

The Maunder Minimum

The Maunder Minimum

Solar Flares

The Northern Lights

Blackouts & the Boundary Waters Canoe Trip

Satellite Damage


The Myth of Myths

The Earth's Wobble

Milankovitch cycles

Milankovitch cycles

The “Wet” (or “Green”) Sahara — Neolithic Subpluvial

Neolithic Subpluvial

The Burning of the Sahara

Water Reservoirs

Moisture Holding Power of Healthy Soil

Importance of Soil Microbiology

Forest Fire Management

Artificial Rain — Collecting Freshwater with DOAWG

Micro Level — Increasing Humidity with DOAWG

Macro Level — Decreasing Humidity with DOAWG

Global Warming & Storm Volatility

Atlantic Mud Core Data

Bodélé Depression

Bodélé Depression

Fertilizer for the Amazon

Ice Core Data

Volcanic Erruptions

Atmospheric Carbon

The Hockey Stick Graph — Combining Ice Core Data with Atmospheric Data

The “Putting Arsenic in Ice” Example

Reversing Desertification — Terraforming

Other Long-Term Cycles

Heliometeorology vs. Global Warming

Decreasing Pollution

Reversing Atmospheric Carbon

Mention the Climate Casino.

Fusion Energy & Atmospheric Carbon

Atmospheric Carbon — The Carrot vs. The Stick

Grow More Plants

Rediscover & Reinvent Terra Preta

Carbonize 1% of Farm Waste

Summary — Putting It All Together

John Nordberg

Hello, my name is John Nordberg. Welcome to my site. It is a very old website going through some growing pains. I hope you enjoy my vision of time, the grand unification of physics, the solution to fusion energy, a new solution for getting fresh water in hot deserts, and a solution to global warming.


What is Time? Is it the apparent motion of the sun? Is it the apparent motion of the second hand? Or, is it the absolute motion of the speed of light? Time is defined to be equal to the speed of light.


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Solar Activity

Solar X-rays & Geomagnetic Field:


Data from: N3KL.org

Source: Current Solar Data

Aurora (Northern Lights) Links: A, B, C


Earthquake Risk

Prediction of current World-Wide Earthquake Risk:

Earthquake Information Other: A, B, C



Book Cover: The solution to the question, “What is Time?“



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Tha Ball of Light Particle Model

This 3-dimensional, geometric equation, is the key to unifying physics. Basically, it states that if you take the “cross product x“ of the electric field vector E and the magnetic field vector B, the result is the gravitational field vector G.Do not confuse the gravitational field “vector G“ (it has a small arrow above it) with the Gravitational constant (which is represented by a big "G" without a vector arrow above it) or with gravitational acceleration (which is represented by just a small "g").




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US Patent #6,888,434 (Nuclear fusion reactor incorporating spherical electromagnetic fields to contain and extract energy)

US Patent #7,079,001 (Essentially for Superconductivity)


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