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Privacy Statement

I have no interest in tracking you with my website, or covertly finding out anything about you.

If you make a donation, and would like me to have information about you, then yes, please provide me whatever information you are comfortable giving. Perhaps, if this fusion stuff makes me wealthy, I can return you a favor someday. (Obviously, at this time, I can not make any promises.)

If you are interested in funding one or more of my ventures, please watch for my future crowdfunding events:

  • First, I will start with a few small donation-style crowdfunding events (GoFundMe?).
  • Then, I plan on doing some rewards-style crowdfunding events (Kickstarter?).
  • Finally, I am planning to do some much larger equity-style crowdfunding (Crowdfunder?).

I will send email updates to people that request to be informed. I have a dedicated database that I will use for managing and sending people updates. Eventually, I will send out updates on my fusion lab progress — for example, results of proof-of-physics, proof-of-concept & proof-of-engineering experiments — and let people know when and where there are investment opportunities. (With regard to some types equity-crowdfunding, at some point you may need to first qualify yourself as an accredited investor.)

If you would like to help me or be involved in some way with my fusion R&D Lab startup — or other buiness ventures — then yes, I would like to have information about you. (One of my biggest jobs at this time is to find and meet qualified people that can be part of my fusion startup team.)

I have LinkedIn account and will provide that information soon.

Of course you can always just follow my progress on Twitter as well.

To voluntary give me information please email me at jtnordberg@comcast.net


John Nordberg

Hello, my name is John Nordberg. Welcome to my site. It is a very old website going through some growing pains. I hope you enjoy my vision of time, the grand unification of physics, the solution to fusion energy, a new solution for getting fresh water in hot deserts, and a solution to global warming.


What is Time? Is it the apparent motion of the sun? Is it the apparent motion of the second hand? Or, is it the absolute motion of the speed of light? Time is defined to be equal to the speed of light.


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Solar Activity

Solar X-rays & Geomagnetic Field:


Data from: N3KL.org

Source: Current Solar Data

Aurora (Northern Lights) Links: A, B, C


Earthquake Risk

Prediction of current World-Wide Earthquake Risk:

Earthquake Information Other: A, B, C



Book Cover: The solution to the question, “What is Time?“



Physics, Time, What is Time?, Grand Unification, GUT, Theory of Everything, TOE, The Speed-of-Light Definition of Time, The Ball-of-Light Particle Model, John Nordberg, Photons, Relativity, Astronomy, Desert Oasification Atmospheric Water Generators, DOAWG, Fusion, Fusion Energy, NFT


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Tha Ball of Light Particle Model

This 3-dimensional, geometric equation, is the key to unifying physics. Basically, it states that if you take the “cross product x“ of the electric field vector E and the magnetic field vector B, the result is the gravitational field vector G.Do not confuse the gravitational field “vector G“ (it has a small arrow above it) with the Gravitational constant (which is represented by a big "G" without a vector arrow above it) or with gravitational acceleration (which is represented by just a small "g").




Blog Entries

  • A WordPress Blog is being planned





US Patent #6,888,434 (Nuclear fusion reactor incorporating spherical electromagnetic fields to contain and extract energy)

US Patent #7,079,001 (Essentially for Superconductivity)


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