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This page will have information on John Nordberg's patents.

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Patent #1 — A new type of fusion powerplant

My first patent deals with nuclear energy — fusion energy in particular. Using my breakthrough physics — that is, understanding time, and the grand unification of physics — I have engineered and patented a new type of fusion power plant. This design avoids the mistakes of “Right-Hand Rule” machines like tokamaks and stellarators. It avoids the mistakes of Z-pinches. It avoids the mistakes of inertial fusion devices. It utilizes, and combines, the best ideas of each of those types of fusion machines. I believe, my fusion power plants will not only work, they will be the primary source of the energy from now into the foreseeable future.

Nuclear fusion reactor incorporating spherical electromagnetic fields to contain and extract energy


Patent #2 — A new method of superconductivity

I do not like the current theory of superconductivity. The theory of Cooper pairs — to me — is not very good. In my opinion, the key to understanding superconductivity is understanding spherical waves. The Ball-of-Light Particle Model specifically states: photons travel as spherical waves. It specifically states: elementary particles are standing spherical waves of electric, magnetic and gravitational fields. Further, it states superconductivity is the process of conducting electricity via spherical waves. These spherical waves can form in cooled superconducting materials, or through room-temperature conducting spheres. My fusion power plant designs use spherical conducting spheres to transmit electricity around the containment circuit. Are they superconducting. I don't know. I sure would like to build them — and test them.

If the Ball-of-Light Particle Model is correct — and the key to conducting electricity in a superconductive fashion is simply using rows of conducting spheres held inside of a sheath of insulation — then it will be extremely easy to make superconducting cables that operate at room temperature.

My second patent is a daughter patent off my 1st one — so the title does not mention superconductivity. However, the claims specifically claim all macro and microscopic forms of conducting electricity using spherical waves. This would include things like bubble memory, and other “recent” discoveries.

Nuclear fusion reactor incorporating spherical electromagnetic fields to contain and extract energy


John Nordberg

Hello, my name is John Nordberg. Welcome to my site. It is a very old website going through some growing pains. I hope you enjoy my vision of time, the grand unification of physics, the solution to fusion energy, a new solution for getting fresh water in hot deserts, and a solution to global warming.


What is Time? Is it the apparent motion of the sun? Is it the apparent motion of the second hand? Or, is it the absolute motion of the speed of light? Time is defined to be equal to the speed of light.


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Tha Ball of Light Particle Model

This 3-dimensional, geometric equation, is the key to unifying physics. Basically, it states that if you take the “cross product x“ of the electric field vector E and the magnetic field vector B, the result is the gravitational field vector G.Do not confuse the gravitational field “vector G“ (it has a small arrow above it) with the Gravitational constant (which is represented by a big "G" without a vector arrow above it) or with gravitational acceleration (which is represented by just a small "g").




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US Patent #6,888,434 (Nuclear fusion reactor incorporating spherical electromagnetic fields to contain and extract energy)

US Patent #7,079,001 (Essentially for Superconductivity)


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