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Please help support John Nordberg's work.

Thank you for your interest in making an online donation in support of:

  • Critical clean energy research into fusion Greenhouse gas emissions are produced mainly by coal power plants and automobiles. Nothing could have more of an impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions — quickly & massively — than by replacing coal power plants with nuclear fusion power plants. If you agree that global climate change is an enormous problem, or if you simply wish to reduce pollution, then please support nuclear fusion research. Fusion is the new energy source needed to produce the new electricity and hydrogen required for electric, hybrid and hydrogen cars.
  • The explanation of the nature of time
  • The explanation of the the grand unification of physics
  • A new, life-saving earthquake warning — and further earthquake warning research
  • The explanation of a new standard model for astronomy — and further astrophysical research, and
  • The simple entertainment value of this website.

To make a donation through PayPal, just click the Donate button below.

If you like my goals, and would really like to support them, then please make a financial donation.

Developing a new type of physics, and a new type of nuclear fusion reactor requires time and money. I have been patient. If you are not so patient, you can help speed things up by making a donation. (Even a donation of $5 — the cost of a scientific magazine — would help. You could think of it as a tip.)

My goals are altruistic. My Earthquake Watches, for example, can save lives. My nuclear fusion reactor design can provide cheap, clean, and safe energy. I believe my fusion power plant designs are exactly the power source that many people hoped and dreamed will be developed some day. With financial and political support, this reactor design:

  • can be operational in only a few years
  • can greatly reduce world pollution by eliminating the need to burn fossil fuels
  • can reduce global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • can provide inexpensive power for power Desert Oasification Atmospheric Water Generators — #DOAWG — in hot deserts to obtain fresh water for drinking and the irrigation of farm crops
  • can provide inexpensive power for desalinating ocean water into fresh water for drinking and the irrigation of farm crops
  • can provide power to produce hydrogen for a cleaner hydrogen world economy
  • can reduce the chances of wars that might be waged over energy
  • and can reduce the chances of nuclear terrorism by eliminating the need for fission power plants.

Other obvious benefits include the advancement of philosophy, physics, astronomy, and space travel.

You might have noticed that:

  • I do not have advertisements flashing in your face
  • I do not have pop-ups or pop-downs annoying you
  • I am not trying to collect your personal information
  • I am not setting hidden cookies or flash data in your browser

If you have enjoyed my web site, please consider donating scientific equipment. I am doing this on my own without any organization backing me — unless you consider my wonderful wife an “organization!” I am currently building a prototype of my fusion reactor and am working on high voltage/high energy impulse circuits, and a vacuum system. Current equipment needs include:

  • a good 50 to 100KV +/- power supply (I already have a cheap one)
  • good quality oscilloscopes
  • a pulse generator
  • cables for high impulse Pearson current monitors
  • high voltage diodes
  • thyratron triggers (Perkin Elmer or EEV)
  • EG&G trigger transformers
  • triggered spark gaps
  • rail gaps
  • and a high quality vacuum pump. (I already have a new, medium quality pump.)

I would really love to own or get access to a Marx Impulse Generator. Granted, these are odd items, but if you know what they are because you work at a National Lab, or at a company doing scientific research, and have items in these categories that you could donate or sell to me cheap, I would appreciate it greatly.

I am patient. I consider this a lifelong project. I am compelled to think about these topics and forge ahead on my own. A generous donation on your part could help speed things up.

You may send correspondence or donations to:

John Nordberg
8700 Shiloh Court
Eden Prairie, MN 55347

I am creating a database of people interested in working with me. If you would like to be included just email me your information.

Email to:


Thank you,

John T. Nordberg

John Nordberg

Hello, my name is John Nordberg. Welcome to my site. It is a very old website going through some growing pains. I hope you enjoy my vision of time, the grand unification of physics, the solution to fusion energy, a new solution for getting fresh water in hot deserts, and a solution to global warming.


What is Time? Is it the apparent motion of the sun? Is it the apparent motion of the second hand? Or, is it the absolute motion of the speed of light? Time is defined to be equal to the speed of light.


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Book Cover: The solution to the question, “What is Time?“



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Tha Ball of Light Particle Model

This 3-dimensional, geometric equation, is the key to unifying physics. Basically, it states that if you take the “cross product x“ of the electric field vector E and the magnetic field vector B, the result is the gravitational field vector G.Do not confuse the gravitational field “vector G“ (it has a small arrow above it) with the Gravitational constant (which is represented by a big "G" without a vector arrow above it) or with gravitational acceleration (which is represented by just a small "g").




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US Patent #6,888,434 (Nuclear fusion reactor incorporating spherical electromagnetic fields to contain and extract energy)

US Patent #7,079,001 (Essentially for Superconductivity)


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