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This page will have the main links on the subject of earthquakes.

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Earthquake — Introduction

Are you aware that earthquakes can be predicted? Maybe not as well as everybody would like, but a lot better than is generally known.

At this time, seismologists use seismometers to predict earthquakes. Essentially, this old technology works at the speed of sound.

A new method can be used to predict which days are more likely to have earthquakes, and a new technology can be used to electronically detect and predict the real-time danger of real-time breaking rock. Essentially, this new technology works at the speed of light.

A New Earthquake Warning System

I propose a new earthquake warning system be developed. It will use both the old seismometers and the new electronic sensors. It will use an fuzzy logic built into the upgradable software to analyze the current risk. It will broadcast the information on old systems like radio and TV, and new systems like the internet, cell phones, and smart watches.

Summary of my old Earthquake Warning data

My Statistics on Predicting High Risk Dates for Killer Earthquakes

Yearly Earthquake Charts:

As of 6/4/2004, I have totaled the numbers for people killed by earthquakes from 2000 through 2004. These numbers are provided by the United States Geological Service. In column 1 is the year. In column 2 is the total number of deaths from earthquakes during my Earthquake Watches. In column 3 is the total number of deaths from earthquakes. In column 4 is the percent of deaths during Earthquake Watches.

Year Deaths during my
Earthquake Watches
2000 198 231 85.7%
2001 21,030 21,357 98.5%
2002 301 1,685 17.9%
2003 26,434 29,019 91.1%
2004 (As of 6/4/2004) 645 (Year not tallied yet.) 715 90.2%
2005 Tsunami ~283,100 (Year not tallied yet.) ~283,100 not yet calc
2006 5,858 6,698 87.5%
2007 697 712 97.9%
2008 248 (Large China quake did not occur during Watch.) 69,612 0.4%
Totals &
338,511 413,129 81.9%

Professional seismologists would consider me an amateur or even a crackpot. They publicly scorn and ridicule any attempts at predicting dates of higher risk for earthquakes. In some places, there are even laws prohibiting predicting earthquakes. This seems ridiculous to me. What would you think if meteorologists analyzed the weather — especially for hurricanes, dangerous thunderstorms, and tornadoes — and then just simply did not tell the public about their predictions?

If you live in an area that has a high risk for earthquakes, I will leave it up to you to decide if there is a correlation in my assessments for earthquake risks.

John Nordberg

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Tha Ball of Light Particle Model

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